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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
I suppose twenty to thirty years is really asking a lot but I wonder if the problem is more due to the packaging rather than the food itself? A lot of food has a long shelf life but as we know, only if it's kept in the right conditions.
Ration packs once used tins, waxed paper, foil and the like but since the 1980s there's been a lot greater use of plastic which doesn't hold up as well as tins.
Even dried foods don't like being stuck in plastic packets for too long, particularly if they aren't kept at a constant temperature during storage.

Regardless of that, I do agree though, that freeze-dried rations are a far superior choice for foods that will be stored long term.
I recently read that the military (US) is working on a new microwave compressed ration. Would be interesting to see how those perform in the field and also self life stability. I will have to relocate the article and post it.
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