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I should have included an end-game report; we finished 3 or 4 weeks ago. The game has a 14-turn (2 week) end state, after that, it's presumed to be a different war.

The Pact ran out of steam really about turn 10, due to mounting casualties. NATO players figured out that removing units worked more to their advantage after a while, so they concentrated on hitting reduced divisions and single-step brigades/regiments. That meant the Pact had to spread out to hold their gains.

We quit on the Pact half of Turn 13, with Pact forces 1 hex from the Rhine and thus unable to react the Sudden Death victory conditions, and without enough VPs to reach a victory. I don't think NATO launched more than a handful of ground attacks the whole game?

This is a fun game, there's more to learn here, and I'm sure my group will play it again. The Extended Buildup scenario beckons....
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