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Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
Agree with Heffe.

I don't think a hit in HTH would generate a CUF.

However, a CUF check could work like "stun" does in other games? You essentially go full protection mode, unable to strike back.
I absolutely disagree with this! Having been hit so hard I momentarily "blacked out," I was then reluctant to close with the Perp afterward DESPITE having an ASP collapsible baton in my hand. He shook me up enough that I even took a couple of steps back. What if you were suddenly confronted by Kane, Andre The Giant, or The Rock? How about stumbling into a bear in the woods at night? I think a CUF check would be in order...

Hell, even a DISPLAY OF FORCE should be able to trigger a CUF check! I have been witness to more than one occasion where officers were held in check by a growling dog or a pair of dogs. I even saw a female State Trooper chased back inside her cruiser by an agitated Chinese Knothead (a type of large white goose).

So I believe that a CUF check should be warranted
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