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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
I absolutely disagree with this! Having been hit so hard I momentarily "blacked out," I was then reluctant to close with the Perp afterward DESPITE having an ASP collapsible baton in my hand. He shook me up enough that I even took a couple of steps back. What if you were suddenly confronted by Kane, Andre The Giant, or The Rock? How about stumbling into a bear in the woods at night? I think a CUF check would be in order...

Hell, even a DISPLAY OF FORCE should be able to trigger a CUF check! I have been witness to more than one occasion where officers were held in check by a growling dog or a pair of dogs. I even saw a female State Trooper chased back inside her cruiser by an agitated Chinese Knothead (a type of large white goose).

So I believe that a CUF check should be warranted
On a personal note swag, I think you're correct. Someone catching a well placed right cross is probably going to take a step back or need a moment to regroup. I was just quoting the actual 4e canon rules as they stand.

This feels like one of those situations where a houserule may be appropriate on an as-needed basis. The current CUF rules dictate that a CUF failure would result in someone dropping to the ground and losing their next turn's actions. While that might be appropriate in some CUF failures in HtH combat, it doesn't feel like it would work for all of them, regardless of whatever damage is being done. To make it more realistic, FL would have needed to add a bit more complexity to what is arguably already a fairly complex melee combat system, so they probably just opted to keep it as simple as possible with no CUF roll on HtH hits.

As a recommendation to make this system more realistic, I might require a CUF roll on all successful HtH attacks, but add a table for effects of that failure so that it isn't a catchall 'drop to the ground and lose next turn' result. For example, roll 1d10 on a successful head hit and failed CUF roll - a result of 1-2 has largely no impact other than the target seeing some stars. A result of 9-10 however would result in the target falling unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Something along those lines.
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