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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Can PC groups be subdivided for separate Recon roles while attempting to sneak up on OFOR?

For example, a group of PCs are going to attempt a POW rescue. They want to get closer to the camp without being spotted. A couple of the PCs have Recon B. The others have C or D (or no score at all).

Could I split the groups- have the stealthier one approach the camp from the SW and the less stealthy one approach from the SE- and roll Group Recon separately? My gut says the answer is yes, but I don't want to play too fast and loose with the rules.

Is the above a legit application, or am I gaming the system?

I don't recall anything in the rules against it, or even the rules mentioning a scenario like that. It makes sense to me. If I had a group of PCs that ended up splitting up into multiple groups when approaching a camp, I'd have each group roll independently.

Maybe it feels like gaming the system because knowledge of who is stealthier might be considered meta knowledge? But then, a group of people in real life would probably have an idea of who was able to move more quietly (e.g. who was clumsier, who walked louder, etc.).
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