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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
If I'm reading the rules right, the only way a Medical Aid roll can heal a wounded character is if the character is incapacitated or the wound was the result of a critical hit. I don't see anything about healing a wound that is neither incapacitating or critical. Is this correct?

Let's a say a character with 5HP takes 1HP damage. It's not a crit, and it's not incapacitating. Can a successful Medical Aid roll heal that damage?

That's my read of the rules as well from pg 73.

"Once back on your feet, you will heal 1 point of remaining damage for
each full shift spent resting or sleeping (page 148). This assumes that
you are not starving, dehydrated, or hypothermic (page 78). You can
heal damage and stress at the same time."

One other piece to note though that I think might get overlooked, is infection. From the same page:

"If you suffer 1 point of damage or more from an external attack, you
risk infection. Unless you are treated with a MEDICAL AID roll within a
shift after taking damage, you must make an infection roll (page 81) to
resist falling ill. Antibiotics give a +3 modifier to the roll. You can treat
yourself, as long as you’re not incapacitated."

Infections can get pretty nasty pretty quickly, especially for characters that are already low on HP. A failed roll or two is often enough to put them over the line.

FL I think tried to lean toward the simplicity in other TTRPGs when it comes to wounds. Nothing in the rules really talks about things like the use of first aid kits, the importance of (clean) bandages, etc., when talking about taking wounds. Even for really beefy characters, unless they get incapacitated or critted, they'll typically heal to normal within a few shifts. This brings it more in line with games like D&D, where a character can go from death's door to completely fine within 8 hours. Something's lost in terms of realism there for sure, but it seems like it's a known trade off to keep PCs moving.
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