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Originally Posted by Heffe View Post
One other piece to note though that I think might get overlooked, is infection.

Infections can get pretty nasty pretty quickly, especially for characters that are already low on HP. A failed roll or two is often enough to put them over the line.
Great point (and a rule that I'd accidentally overlooked). So, even though it looks like successful application of Medical Aid doesn't result in a non-incapacitated, non-critically injured PC recovering any HP, it doesn't prevent the potentially incapacitating (or even deadly) knock-on effects of infection.
Worth it!

Originally Posted by Heffe View Post
FL I think tried to lean toward the simplicity in other TTRPGs when it comes to wounds. Nothing in the rules really talks about things like the use of first aid kits, the importance of (clean) bandages, etc., when talking about taking wounds. Even for really beefy characters, unless they get incapacitated or critted, they'll typically heal to normal within a few shifts. This brings it more in line with games like D&D, where a character can go from death's door to completely fine within 8 hours. Something's lost in terms of realism there for sure, but it seems like it's a known trade off to keep PCs moving.
Agreed. I don't have a big problem with this. Recovering from a bullet wound after a day or two of rest isn't realistic, but it's no fun when your PC can't do anything for a full game session (or several), just to keep it "real". It is, after all a game, and games should be fun.

The way I play this rapid healing off IG is that wounds resulting in 1-2 HP reductions are grazes (or bruised ribs [torso], or concussion [head]). Fortunately, my PCs haven't sustained any incapacitating or critical wounds yet (knock on wood!).

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