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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Can PC groups be subdivided for separate Recon roles while attempting to sneak up on OFOR?

For example, a group of PCs are going to attempt a POW rescue. They want to get closer to the camp without being spotted. A couple of the PCs have Recon B. The others have C or D (or no score at all).

Could I split the groups- have the stealthier one approach the camp from the SW and the less stealthy one approach from the SE- and roll Group Recon separately? My gut says the answer is yes, but I don't want to play too fast and loose with the rules.

Is the above a legit application, or am I gaming the system?

I think your doing it right.

Further, you will now have two groups rolling recon. And while one group has a high chance of success and another group a lower chance - overall the chances of someone being spotted has likely gone up due to needing to roll for two groups.

So not only do I think your doing it right, but even if you weren't i don't think your gaming the system because overall you have increased your chance of failure anyway!
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