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Default Non-Player Characters

This will be a thread for major Non-Player Characters in the campaign


3rd-6th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized) "Regulars"

LTC <name>, Battalion Commander: adult Caucasian male Charismatic 3/Leadership 6/Special Ops 3 (12th level).

MAJ <name>, Battalion Executive Officer: adult Caucasian female Charismatic 3/Leadership 7 (10th level).

CSM <name>, Battalion Command Sergeant-Major: adult African-American male Charismatic 3/Leadership 9 (12th level).





Russians (White Army)

Kapitán <first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, ex-KGB Officer:

Soviets (Red Army)

Podpolkóvnik <name>, KGB Station Chief: adult Caucasian male Charismatic 3/Agency Leader 7 (10th level). Podpolkóvnik <name> is the commander of the KGB Station in <city/region>.

<name>, Soviet Red Army General Officer: adult Caucasian male Charismatic 4/Leadership 10 (14th Level). <name> is the current commanding general of the Soviet Western Theater, and has been debating the folly of continueing the war with the current state of affairs that the world is in. If given the chance, <name> would be more than happy to engage in diplomatic negotiations to end the conflict so the reconstruction of the world can get started.

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