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Default World armies that may ressemble the project

I was thinking about what might be a model for the Project as a real world organisation.

Small scale, having access to some military hardware but not the full panopoly of supersonic jets, heavy tanks etc.

And what I thought were good models were the militaries of New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland.

Both nations are avowedly neutral mostly, using their militaries to do little more than provide last ditch defence, support to police and government in times of emergency. And of course supporting UN peacekeeping forces in small numbers.

Both have budgets in the region of a couple of billion (NZ has slightly higher as it needs ship and long range planes to guards more sea space).

So what do two small, none belligerent, but rich and technologically advanced nations get for their buck?

1 An airforce almost entirely based around cargo planes and helicopters. Mostly aimed around moving cargo and scouting, some light aircraft can be fitted with rockets and machineguns in dire emergencies.

2 Most vehicles are light and unarmoured.

3 The heaviest piece of artillery is a 105mm gun which seems to be the heaviest useful gun for a light force. Though most work on assingment as peace keepers is done by the 81mm mortar. And in dire circumstances this gun can be as a hefty tank buster as well as artillery.

4 Both use the wheeled Pihrana as a sort of micro tank/apc. It seems adequate for taking on technicals, patrolling etc basically anything where you're not worried about an actual tank turning up. They only use a couple of hundred each.

5 Lack of heavy equipment is made up by the all professional highly trained troops, with a substantial special forces capability. As well as very high quality individual equipment (both are planning on upgrading their assault weapons again, have substantial night vision gear etc).

6 Effective use of modern ATGMS (Javelin) and MANPADS, mean that against most threats from less sophisticated equipment their forces can protect themselves. Though maybe not so much take on proactive action.

Sounds a lot like the project to me.
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