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With the much different racial mix in Australia now, it's even easier for potential hostiles to get themselves into sensitive positions and wreak havoc. In some places, the number of people who's families came from SE Asia exceeds those from the rest of the world. Given Australia is fighting Indonesia in T2K....
Saboteurs don't need to be members of an enemy military either as history has already shown. In WWII, the Communists in Australia still actively worked against Australia and the US through sabotage, theft and simply refusing to work or "go slow" campaigns, even though the USSR were allies. There is evidence that they preferred to lose to the Japanese if it would trigger a workers revolution!
As we've seen in recent years there's still a strong, if small, communist/socialist movement in the country. It would only take a few of them in key positions to cause similar havoc as occurred in the 40's.
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