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I don't see significant problems with producing ammunition simply because we do have significant amounts of primary resources and the industry to exploit them. Even producing such items as boots, clothes, food etc. etc. wouldn't be too much of a problem.
We have enough industries (and the skills) in place to produce many of the items needed to supply the military but there will always be one factor that will cause problems - transport.

Again the problem of logistics.
Without the vessels or vehicles to move it, it doesn't matter how much ammo we can make. This wouldn't be insurmountable within Australia but as soon as it comes to supplying any force outside Australia we have to use either ships or aircraft. We might even have enough surviving ships/aircraft in good working order but if there aren't problems with obtaining enough fuel for them, there's still the problem of protecting them while they make their deliveries.

It's always going to be a problem for logistics to solve, not a problem of whether we can produce the needed supplies.
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