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Yes, transportation is the BIG killer here. Both the RAAF and RAN aren't exactly huge and if Indonesia managed to take out even just half of the aircraft and ships, it wouldn't matter how many cargo ships and planes were available - without escorts they're as good as dead.

Got my hands on some early 1990's Strategic Reviews today. Skimming through them one thing is obvious - defence planners were expecting to be able to lean VERY heavily on the US in the area of warships, aircraft and logistic support in the event Australia or PNG was directly threatened. Given T2K has the US already completely tied up elsewhere, the situation for Australia, New Zealand and the small Pacific island nations looks bleak. Very, very bleak.

My big concern now is ensuring Indonesia isn't able to simply roll right over the top of the defenders in PNG, but I've already got a few ideas to hamstring their offensive, some of which tie into the very reasons they're attacking in the first place!
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