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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
Meant to add the following information for River Embly & River Boyne - taken from : -
Specs - 51,035 gross tons, 76293 dwt. Lb: 255 x 35.4 metres. 16 knots. Single screw, turbine powered, twin boiler design using coal as fuel, fully automatic with UMS certificate. Speed 16 knots. Crew 38.
I had a look at that earlier today in an effort to find some information on range and fuel consumption. No luck but did see reference to them not having enough range to be useful for more than relatively short runs (whatever that's supposed to mean exactly). We do know at least one reached Singapore, but that was a one way trip and they could have refuelled along the way.
It's quite probable they routinely refuelled in Newcastle, but that doesn't mean it had the range to make it all the way to Weipa and back on one load - there's four coal export ports between each end of that run, and possibly additional refuelling points as well (although I'm doubtful).

That's a good point about their value as local freighters. Add to that their vulnerability to even small surface raiders if travelling without an escort, and...
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