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another email from Marc on the subject came out today

In This Email:

Grognard. Kickstarter.
GenCon Traveller Character Benefit Cards.
Twilight: 2000 titles.
Traveller Novels.

GROGNARD: Ruminations On 40 Years In Gaming
We're collecting the editorials (and insights: great reading) of famous game designer and editor Loren Wiseman in book and ebook form.

GenCon is over. We ran our “Can You Survive Traveller Character Generation” event for more than 250 players. We handed out Muster Out Cards for HomeWorlds, Weapons, Medals, and even Ships. You can see the cards as a free download here:

We have two NEW Twilight: 2000 titles: Rook’s Gambit, and East Africa Sourcebook

Rook’s Gambit
A classic caper for a classic role- playing game, this is Rook's Gambit, the first adventure module for Twilight 2000 released since 1993. Set in Poland on the eve of Operation OMEGA, Rook's Gambit sends the player characters on a high-stakes mission to save the United States Army in central Europe from a rogue Soviet Field Marshall with delusions of grandeur and access to an errant American nuclear weapon.

East Africa Sourcebook From the deserts of Somalia to the Serengeti of northern Tanzania, the waters of the Indian Ocean to the jungles of the Congo, the East African/Kenya Sourcebook, the first new work for Twilight 2000 since 1995, shines a light on an area hinted at in previous works but never before detailed, where what is left of civilization in Africa struggles against the Somali Islamists, the PARA, the LRA and desperate pirates whose only mission is to take what they can from what still stands. and finally,

*** Traveller Novels
>br> The Backwards Mask
GDW commissioned a novel trilogy in support of Traveller: The New Era, and published two of the three before they closed their doors in 1996. Regrettably, the third novel lay forgotten and unpublished in the GDW archives for more than fifteen years. In that time, Traveller designer Marc Miller searched for a conclusion to the story arc. Ultimately, he teamed up with writer Matthew Carson to create from whole cloth a new final novel. THEN, the manuscript for the original third novel was discovered.

Fate of the Kinunir
Where is the Kinunir? More than three decades in the making, veteran author Robert E. Vardeman reveals the truth behind one of the greatest mysteries the Traveller universe has ever known—based on the very first Traveller adventure.

Shadow of the Storm
The Stormshadow is a new Solomani Confederation ship, captained by the disgraced Lieutenant Simon Crowe. Unfortunately, what was intended to be a series of trials for the Stormshadow suddenly turns into a six-jump patrol — and what should have been a simple patrol uncovers a conspiracy that might burn down the entire Solomani Rim.

** Agent of the Imperium
Jonathan Bland is a Decider, empowered by the Emperor himself to deal with the inevitable crises of empire. In the service of the Empire, he has killed more people than anyone in the history of Humanity, to save a hundred times as many. He died centuries ago, but they re-activate his recorded personality whenever a new threat appears.
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