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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
That sounds really good actually, thanks for the tip. Do you remember offhand what kind of units they came from or was it mixed?
The group was mixed - from the article

"The Group Medved musters 112 effectives, including 27 senior NCO's, 75 field grade officers and 10 staff officers. The Soviets come from almost every branch of the armed forces with a fair majority of the field grade officers being pilots in addition to a handful of combat arms officers, engineers, medical personnel and even technical specialists in their ranks. The majority of the senior NCO's are ground combat veterans and would constitute a very clear danger if they were better armed.

Their medical group includes a surgeon and three combat medics but they lack medical supplies

Group Medved is led by Colonel Alexander Brionovisk, formerly of the 5th Tank Division.

The Soviets have only 41 firearms, the majority of them civilian hunting weapons. Three Uzis, 2 AR-15s and an antique BAR form the firepower core. The most common weapon is the 12-gauge shotgun, of which the group has
11 (four of them former police pump action riot guns, three automatic, and the rest double barreled). There are 12 rifles (one Garand, eight .30 bolt-actions and three .22 semiautos) 12 pistols (five H&K 9mm automatics, two .38 S&W's, three army issue 45's and two .44s-a Desert Eagle and a S&W, the personal weapons of the colonel and Major Rasmoninov (second in command)

Ammo is also very scarce - they only have a case apiece of 12-gauge, .22 and .30 ammo. The group also has 100 rounds of 5.56,125 of 9mm, 400 of .38 and 230 of .45 ACP. The 20 rounds of .44 Magnum are split equally
between the two officers."
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