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We in DC working group had discussed this in a few phone conversations. Grae, sorry if you're just hearing this now..I agree the list is too short, and there's no camp for the real hard cases (dedicated communists, Spetsnaz, suspected informers, KGB MRR and Border Guard types, Zampolits..etc.). Trust me, there would be one. Also, a little idea Fighting Flamingo had was to put Western cable TV into the day rooms...something to show the POWs the truth about the war...It's simple, easy and hey..they all know the reputation of the western media.

As for guard forces, we hadn't discussed all, but handing it off to State Guardsmen with little to no training....not good. I like Web's ideas, and they'd probably work very well, along with the recruitment by CIA and others of dissatisfied EPWs.

I also think that once NATO enters the war, China will ship the POWs it has to the US as well. So, there might be a sizable EPW population in the US before long. You also need to remember, that the biggest problem these POW camps are going to have is the nature of the Soviet army, where time in service, not rank, determine functional, if not actual seniority. Most Sergeants in the Soviet Army were men chosen by virtue of political reliability or academic standing to be NCOs from that current conscript class. They simply don't have the institutional experience to be decent NCOs. They can learn...but in a POW camp where things are breaking down anyhow? Many of these Sergeants are going to have a hard time maintaining control of their men...
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