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I know the discussion has taken place many many times. So i guess i am rediscovering this. But the Dillon "6 barrells of goodness" mini-gun has a recoil of 0. Yes, it needs to be vehicle mounted. I guess vehicle mounted (recoil 0) is different to a "heavy tripod" (recoil 5, 6 or 7). But the M2HB has a recoil of 7 when on a heavy tripod. Seems like allot of recoil compared to 0. Even the .306 Browning from WWII has a recoil of 4 which is half that of the more modern M2HB. Is the M2HB really that bad or are the stats just out of whack?

Also, i forget the exact numbers from the future weapons show. But they were talking about how accurate the Dillon minigun is. And they showed footage of the unit in action firing at cars with tracers and its just a laser show and walking the fire onto target must be so easy. And then (this is my point) they said its so much more accurate that say a M240. I forget exact numbers but it was something like the M240 fired 500 rounds and hit 4 times. The Dillon should be 4 times as accurate because it fires 4 times the rate of bullets, but due to synergies of the high ROF its much more accurate and hit the target something like 30 times (so it was 8 times more accurate). The hit rates were much smaller than i would have thought. And would be less in "combat conditions" as well. So when i'm rolling 100 times for a 5 second burst i shouldnt expect many to hit. Even a 1 in 20 chance means i should hit 5 times. But since recoil is effectively 0 i would expect to have a much higher hit rate than 1 in 20. Again, part of the problem of this argument is "its a game and your trying to model something real world and theres always going to be a disconnect".
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