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I'd say a backpack radio is a must but if you are resourceful, even a handheld radio hooked up to a good antenna will do wonders. I've gotten out to 25 miles using a good antenna on my handie-talkie running 1 watt and 50 when I kick it up to 2.5 watts or higher, depending on the voltage I feed it. I get 2.5 with 7.2 volts, 4 with 9 volts and 5 with 12 volts. I did talk to Canada across from the shore at Lake Erie with 1 watt and a rubber duckie antenna, my signal went close to 80 miles but the weatherm ust have been good that day and radio crosses over water much easier.

Well, if you are hard pressed, a handie-talkie hooked up to a good base or vehicle antenna will work wonders along with a good power supply.

In radio terms, a $100 radio with a good/great antenna will out perform a $1000 radio with a poor antenna.

Chuck M.
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