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Default Adventure/Campaign seed 1

Campaign Seed: This one is based on the French Orbat thread. As a good point, it could imply a wide variety of characters, some of them not in the military. As a background, a not much damaged France tries to exploit the imminent retreat of the US Forces in Europe (operation omega). Central Europe territories are devastated by the war, and the information gathered by the French intelligence service seems to point that certain border zones will fall easily under French control through diplomacy and with only a limited use of military force. The characters would be the members of one of the contact groups entrusted by the French high command to get the needed info, establish contact with the inhabitants of the designated zone and try to convince them, if possible, about the advantages to live under the French banner.

An idea for the GM would be to prepare accurately a map of the area assigned to the group and to decide things as the number as the inhabited communities and their relationship, the number of people, available resources, military forces and their alignment, important personalities, etc. The group would enter in the balance of power of the region, with the help provided by the resources assigned to them by the French army. These resources, their number and their quality could vary depending of the success achieved by the group through the time. I’m thinking in some kind of table with the prize in “resource points” for each available type of help the group can ask for to the French High Command, from a power generation or a truck with medical supplies, to a Special Forces squad. The rest is up to the group. Diplomacy, local knowledge, the proper contacts, perhaps selective military actions, the supply of weapons and resources to friendly communities, the protection against marauding parties to convince the undecided, etc.
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