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Originally Posted by TiggerCCW UK
Similar question regarding holsters - what size of weapon would you allow a holster for? I read an article about the then new MP5 PDW many years ago, that suggested it being used as a side arm for air crew as it would be more useful than a pistol. The suggestion was that it would be carried in a dual thigh rig with the loaded weapon and two spare 15 round mags on one leg and three 30 round mags and a suppressor on the other leg. I reckon this would make running, crawling and all other combat related jumping about a bit tricky. Anyone any ideas how it would have worked out and whether this system ever went into service?
The pilots at the Night Stalkers (the 160th) are in fact authorized to carry the MP5K as a sidearm, generally in a thigh holster. Few of the 160th's pilots do so, and most of those are Little Bird (MH-6) pilots, because they are just too encumbering in a helicopter cockpit.
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