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This touches on some of things I’ve been working on for vehicle updates. This is geared more toward the maintenance side of engineering, but may be useful. So far, my mobile maintenance vehicles include the below based on the M1079 2.5-ton 4x4, paired with the M1082 trailer in various configurations. I can post some details on the truck/trailer if you like (they aren’t complete as I’m still trying to work out armor).

Mobile Maintenance
Seven (7) inter-connected maintenance systems distributed at multiple levels throughout the Project provide a holistic repair capability in all environments.

The systems include:
• Armament Repair Set
• Automotive Set
• Equipment Maintenance Set
• Foundry Set (M1082)
• Hydraulic Systems Set (M1082)
• Metal Working and Machining Shop Set
• Welding Set (M1082)

The Armament Repair Set is a M1079 housed system providing professional-grade tools to perform field level maintenance on a range of weaponry, from small arms to field artillery. The system includes a 10kW generator for shop power, as well as an assortment of tools and cabinet storage.

Automotive Set, housed on a M1079, provides a common tool set with the capability to perform field-level maintenance at all levels of materiel system repairs. The system contains an 10kW generator, Signal Entry Panel, and ergonomic storage of a complete tool load.

Equipment Maintenance Set is a M1079 housed system providing immediate field-level maintenance and repair to ground support and aviation equipment. The unit has industrial quality tools, light duty cutting and welding equipment, 10kW generator and an on-board compressor and power inverter.

The Foundry Set is mounted on an enclosed M1082 trailer and includes a 10kW generator, an Electric Arc Furnace (page 185 of TM 1-1 4e), Portable Forge (page 185 of TM 1-1 4e) and an assortment of hand tools. This is typically paired with the Metal Working and Machine Shop Set.

The Hydraulic Systems Set is a robust hydraulic repair system mounted on an M1082 trailer with a weather tight enclosure. It provides the capability to fabricate industry standard crimp-style hydraulic replacement hoses of all sizes, types, and end configurations. It also provides the ability to fabricate industry standard steel replacement hydraulic tubes used in brake lines and other high pressure applications and bends and flares these tubes as required to create a proper replacement item. Also includes an on-system diagnostic test meter that is used for troubleshooting hydraulic problems.

The Metal Working and Machining Shop Set (MWMSS) is a M1079 housed set that delivers state of the art machining capabilities using two module types, Type I and Type II. Type I contains a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Lathe, Mill Drill, Multi-Process Welding (SMAW, GMAW. GTAW, pulse, flux core), Thermal Cutting equipment, Air-Arc Gouging, air compressor, Mobile Electric Power (MEP) generator for shop power, two (2) laptops with CAD/CAM software, and an assortment of hand/air tools. Type II augments Type I and contains a CNC Milling Machine, Plasma table, two (2) laptops with CAD/CAM software, and an assortment of hand/air tools.

The Welding Set is mounted on an enclosed M1082 trailer and provides a full spectrum of welding capabilities.

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