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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Agreed. This is also a good premise for those who wish to play pro-NATO/anti-Soviet French or Belgian PCs in conventional European-based T2K campaigns.
Likewise, folks who want to play Italian Alpini or (limited other) troops could, beyond the "defector" premise, could use members of the Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (AMF-L), a multinational brigade-sized force that was in Norway in 1996 and included an Italian alpini battalion and a battery of 105mm mountain guns. Its quite possible that those units, or soldiers assigned to them, decided to ignore the recall order when Italy left NATO, especially when viewed in light of Italian domestic politics. It is possible that there was a change in government, precipitated by the war, that saw the communists take over, or at least have a role as kingmaker and demand Italian withdrawal from the war and NATO. Anti-communist officers could decide to remain at the front alongside their NATO allies fighting Soviet troops. They could end up in Germany post-1997 by tagging along with the US 6th ID, which relocated there following the failure of the Kola offensive.
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