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Burning Man takes place on federally controlled land. If the Feds and the local county governments do not issue the permits there will be no Burning Man. How likely will the Feds be willing to issue the permits for a big party out in a desert with 1), war with the Chinese and Russians looming and 2), the impending impact of a giant asteroid? How likely will the super rich hippies want to attend Burning Man when the possibility of losing their wealth in the big WW3 looms large on the horizon?

I doubt the local counties would issue the permits because they do not want to be the governments responsible for caring and rescuing the hippies stuck out in the desert when poop hits the fan.

More than likely the BOD of the businesses those super rich hippies own will push for less play time and more prep for the bleak future.

Whereas in 3rd edition nobody saw it coming in 4th edition everybody sees it coming and can prepare.
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