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Default Channel's Worth Checking Out

Since you have already covered the staples (Bloke on the Range, InRange, and Forgotten Weapons), I'll add some other YouTubers.

My first recommendations would be about equipment:

Forgotten Weapons I do want to recommend Ian's videos on Flamethrowers. They are definitive works on these weapons. His video on the M1 Rifle Grenade Launcher will also add quite a bit of knowledge about rifle grenades.

The Wound Channel has done a number of tests involving Barrier Penetration and Armor Penetration testing. He was one of the first Youtubers to discover that a round going faster than 3000ft/sec could penetrate an NIJ Level 3 Rifle plate.

MikeB is another Youtuber doing penetration testing mostly on older helmets. He can definitively say that most steel pots are equal to NIJ Level 2A in protection.

Shootingthebull410 has done some VERY EXTENSIVE testing on all types of ammunition. His tests are some of the most meticulous I've seen. I particularly like his AmmoQuests.

Lucky Gunner He has several good videos. His equipment reviews are good and his "how-to" videos are short, well made, and informative (if somewhat basic).

Military Arms Channel Tim has several good videos but I particularly liked his videos on Armor Testing and rating Suppressors with the Decibel Meter. He was also the first person to test the new Dyneema Vests that the Marines bought (Level3 Rifle SOFT PLATES).

Matsimus Gaming Matt is former British Army (now a Canadian resident) and has been doing a number of equipment reviews as well. Check him out because he does PACT equipment as well as NATO.

Pocket Guns & Gear Another reviewer of both pocket pistols and ammo. His videos are really good.

DEVGRU5022 He not only has good videos like fighting the T62 (an old TRADOC film) and the 551 Sheridan (TRADOC TOO), he has several videos like making the cut... Army Ranger, SEAL, Marine Scout/Sniper, and Army Sniper School. Check him out.

WOT: Inside The Chieftain's Hatch This former tanker employed by WOT the game goes to museums and gives a fairly detailed impression of the armor they have. A good channel.

Innerbark Outdoors Andy Tran has both equipment reviews AND "how -to" videos that are VERY GOOD. Check out his video on making cordage and his review of a new pair of night vision goggles.

Wilderness Outfitters I'm sure Dave Canterbury needs no intro (Dual Survival, Dirty Rotten Survival) but his channel may. He not only tells you how to acquire the "5 C's" of survival but also how to use those tools. A must watch for my fellow survivalists here.

Survival Lilly She also shows you the secrets to using the "5 C's" just like Dave does.

Primitive Technologies This man has a "Ph.D." in Survival Skills. I have never seen a more experienced primitive technology expert.

Primitive Pathways Another good resource for survival skills.

RPG vs Toyota This video shows the effects of an RPG-7 and B40 on a Toyota in detail. The Australians(?) in this video are fairly thorough in their evaluation. This video shows WHY the Burst Radius of my In-Game RPG-7 with a HEAT warhead is 2m (wide) X 4m (long).

Now on to Skills Development channels;

SweatNotBleed For those without formal pistol training, his upload of Shep's Precision Applications Pistol class will bring you up to speed without too much cost. Pay attention to how long it takes to perform tasks. A 5 or 6-second Combat Round is a LIFETIME in a firefight.

Handgun Combatives Dave Spaulding was one of my instructors and he still has A LOT to offer new shooters. Check him out.

OE TSC G&V I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS CHANNEL ENOUGH! It posts digital reenactments of major fights while trying to explain the reasons behind the participants' action there. This is posted in support of TRADOC but I'm NOT SURE if it is official TRADOC material. It is very instructional but may leave you wringing your hands when you realize just how many men have died from sheer incompetence in Command. If you can only watch one channel and you are a GM... WATCH THIS ONE!

Funker Tactical Not only do they have training videos, they also have War-Footage videos (mostly from Afghanistan). Another good channel for GMs.

Active Self Protection This channel is a must for cops, security, and CCW holders. It shows and analyzes video gunfight footage. There are about 8000 vids with commentary about what went right and what went wrong. John is a good guy and this channel will show you just how fast things can go bad.

Paul Harrel Paul's channel is professional and unassuming. His tests and analysis are unbiased. I LOVE the "Meat Target" as a more real-world test of bullet performance. Check Paul out.

RangerUp and BRC Coffee Aside from being a funny channel (guy taping himself to a plane "this is 100mph tape right? "Yeh, but the plane goes 200mph..."), they have to videos at RangerUp I have to recommend. Not Another Cop Drama and 5 Things Military Movies Get Wrong. Please watch these and Stupid Shit Veterans Hear All The Time.

There's a short list from my own research library...developed during the ALL-TOO-FREQUENT "waiting to load/unload delays of trucking" (the one profession where "hurry up and wait" rivals the Army).


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