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Propagandizing one's own troops would have been a priority mission during the Twilight War. I think we will have a very difficult time imagining the mindset of the troops in mid-2000, or later. Most of their frames of reference are gone. The survivors have endured a trauma unlike anything seen in the Western world since perhaps the big outbreak of the Black Plague or maybe the fall of Rome. Survivors of the 1941-1942 winter fighting on the Eastern Front might be able to give us some idea. Perhaps the Germans in May of 1945 could tell us something of what is going on in the heads of the troops of 2000. The survivors of the Tokyo firebombing or in Horishima or Nagasaki might have some idea. Obviously, there is going to be tremendous variability.

What are the troops of XI Corps thinking as they receive orders to move out from their cantonments in 2000? We may conjecture; but I think the men and women who have made it that far will have been on such an emotional roller coaster that even those of us who have been in combat probably can't identify with them, except in the most rudimentary of ways. Simply to be alive is to suffer from PTSD.

I'll bet the churches of Europe are full.

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