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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
What the hell has Krell been doing for 150 years? The had to know that was Prime Base. Nuke the village, then a Biowar weapon on your enemies state of the art facility staffed with PHDs of all stripes? Kind wander off because suffering villages in wisconsin are more interesting?
Army Sgt:

As I read the PB module, Krell was in deep sleep when PB was neutralized. According to the module, the next time Krell woke up, he sent a team to see what happened. They found the valley like Jurrasic Park and bailed on the mission. Krell had the operatives killed, and moved on, figuring PB was DEAD.

There are so many parts of that scenario that are WRONG.

1) IF Krell was as Brilliant and demented as hinted at in different modules, he HAD to know that the first team had killed, if not PB, something really really important. If Krell had as many followers and as much tech as hinted at, a nuke, bio, etc, he would have sent teams until he was SURE it was dead. Then strip the body.

2) The mutants in the PB module could not have mutated THAT fast for the second Krell team to find Jurrasic Park. Radioactivity, swamp, ok, maybe...

3) The mutants could not have evolved that fast for "today", i.e. BANG +150. Natural selection does not work THAT fast. Yes, man introduced all kinds of radioactivity into the bio-sphere, but still....Mini T-Rex? Mini sauropods? Mini velociraptors? Even something that could (maybe) be edging toward intellegence? Not in MY Morrow world.

4) If Krell knew that this was PB, Krell associates "today" would STILL be talking about the day they killed Morrow. No hint of that in any module. We Americans still talk about Picketts Charge at Gettysburgh, Washington crossing the Delaware, Francis Scott Key and the "Star Spangled Banner". Surely a prize THAT big would be still talked about. Inflated, maybe, but a kernel of truth in the story.

5) Krell had inside information about Morrow. IF we are talking about BANG + 150 years, and Morrow teams are coming up here and there, and they are starting to organize, Krell would have re-visited the PB area...This time no quarter until he has an way or another.

(I refer you to the modules Fall Back, Damocles, Operation Lucifer, Ruins of Chicago, and Bullets and Bluegrass. In each there are hints that TMP is trying to start itself.)

My $0.02

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