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helicopters reflect for me what I think would be a real worry for the project, technology addiction. Where technology by it's very usefulness undermines them as how will they cope when they lose them.

Aircraft need super skilled crews, spare parts and however many they horde they will run out. And if there is a second nuclear strike, the EMP will wipe them out.

So I suspect the Project would use a small number of helicopters as a in case of dire emergencies. Probably a mixture of hueys and some Russian stuff, as their military stuck with low tech soldier proof for a lot longer.

A Morrow project Hind would seem more realistic than an Apache.

I suspect simpler aircraft like Helium blimps and drones would be a hit. Blimps don't crash if their engines fail and if a drone crashes the crew survive.

A small put upon a recon team evading Krell could well find a control unit for a half dozen hellfire armed drones as a welcome game changer.
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