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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Cartography and Mapping kit.

Something like a very upgraded Surveyors kit to re-establish boundaries and mark geographic changes, such as new river canals or eroded shorelines.

GPS, Inertial navigation, and Loran equipped devices backed up with sextant, transit, and tape.
Originally Posted by bobcat View Post
a highly accurate clock and astronomic charts would also be needed. unfortunately the star charts would be likely be useless for navigation given the timeframe unless someone on the team sits down with an astronomy book and calculates 200 years of change.
Just a couple thoughts to add. Given the lapse in time, any gazetteer information will also be way out of date, making the process more difficult and requiring interaction and trade with the locals to get updated.

One way to mitigate updating the geography is to use the Autonav to update the existing maps. You will have to designate a spot you know as true to re-calibrate the Autonav periodically, but the inertial position tracking should let you update maps pretty easily by just driving out to locations.
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