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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Thanks. Just had a quick look so far but already saw some questionable targeting such as Richmond - it's C-130's and not much else. I lived and worked in and around it for a few years, it's just not worth nuking.
Meanwhile Williamtown at Newcastle where the majority of the F/A-18s were actually based (along with HQ and training) isn't on the list.
That said, by the time nukes were used, I'm fairly certain all Australia's combat air assets would have already been deployed.
I would take the military targeting with a grain of salt, as for the political and economic base, I think it's pretty dead on. I had to pick weapons with the RANGE to reach Australia from the Soviet Union, or just grab random sub based weapons and assume they got past the RAN to launch a missile or two. I am assuming no Soviet aircraft launched on Australia due again, to the distances involved, that and they were probably being used to flatten targets in Japan and China.
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