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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
And this is also the same time period where the RAAF was finally in possession of inflight refuelling tankers.

At the time, the B707 aircraft we had were not fitted with the tail boom refuelling probe that would be required by the F-111's because it was felt that the FA-18's needed the range increase allowed by inflight refuelling more than the F-111's did.
By way of comparison, the RAAF FA-18A with a 4000lb weapons load and 6000lbs of external fuel had a strike range of approximately 1020km while the RAAF F-111A/C with the same 4000lb load and no external fuel had a strike range of 2040km.
Info taken from here: -

While the tail boom probe was not part of the modification, it was studied as part of the options for inflight refuelling. It's always possible that we could get technical/engineering help from the UK & USA if an urgent requirement for inflight refuelling of the F-111's was found and the modification to the B707's could be carried out in Australia.

Australia bought 4 air refuelling systems from Israel between 1991-1992 for the modification of 4 Boeing-707 transport aircraft to tanker/transport aircraft. 15 F-111G (FB-111A) were also bought from America second hand in 1993-1994 to replace the shorter ranged F-111C.
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