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Default Morrow Project and the US Government

The Morrow Project and the Law
It is painfully obvious that the Morrow Project has absolutely no concern for any laws and regulations from Federal to local. A quick survey of Morrow Project activities indicates a number of gross violations of legalities. For brevityís sake I will just give a short list of Federal Agencies that will be unhappy with MP activities
DOD-Having what amounts to a private army isnít going to go over well
FAA-So are all these aircraft licensed?
NRC-Unlicensed reactors and radioactive materials
DOE-Fusion Charges
BATF-Destructive devices and automatic weapons
FBI- Where is all the money coming from? All sorts of activities that cross state lines
FCC-Unlicensed radio equipment
FDA-Experimental drugs, experimental medical procedures
DEA-Unlicensed ownership of restricted drugs
Customs-Importation of foreign weapon systems
EPA-Where are the environmental impact statements for all the bases and bolt holes
OSHA-So where is all the required safety plans and training? Have all the MP personnel injuries been properly reported? Who has been inspecting the sites for safety violations?
Postal Inspectors-I can see a lot of wire fraud being involved in these operations
FEC-Where is all the money coming from?
IRS-So taxes anyone?
Coast Guard-If the Project has boats and ships are they licensed and inspected?
DOT-so was all that hazmat moved around properly placarded and was the paperwork correct?
BLM-Building on public lands
To me this indicates that the Project is protected. It can only function with active cooperation from the Federal Government at the highest levels.
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