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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
Thanks again!

Has anyone ever run the stats for the Arges HG 86 (mini-frag)? I'm considering it as an addition as well.
I have not (yet), you may want to look at the Dutch V40 as well.

Here is what I have come up for HG 86

Arges HG 86

Weight, Total: 0.18 kg
Weight, Filler: 0.017 grams PETN
Size, Length: 76 mm
Size, Diameter: 43 mm
Effective Range: 40 m - MASS 1
Fuse Delay: 4 sec +1.5/-0.5 sec
Lethal Burst Radius: 5 m
DPW: 490
E-Factor: 5 per fragment
Notes: 1600 2-2.3 mm fragments (spheres). Each fragment has a velocity 879 m/s (average fragment size is 2.1 mm)

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