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For instance one place you could see battlefield nukes being used in the US or Canada would be with the Soviet forces that you see invading Alaska, Canada and trying to get to Seattle -but as far as I can see no nukes are mentioned in any of those units histories - i.e. you dont see the US nuking the Soviets or the Soviets bringing battlefield nukes with them

and there are canon smaller nukes as well - lots of the refinery strikes were 250kt or warheads with 100kt to spread out the 1 Megaton total

but the issue is as Kato said - the Soviets really didnt have much in the way of lower kt nukes back then - i.e. their sub nukes were so inaccurate they were using citibusters not small nukes - thats one reason I can see the Lima strike not hitting the tank plant by the way - i.e. that it missed so badly that it didnt hit the plant at all even considering the size of the warhead
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