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Raellus, I know this is probably too late but... I take it you did your descriptions of Malbork from the normal sources e.g. library/internet resources? I ask because after I did a quick read of the module, there didn't appear to be any reference to the castle cellars. The cellars don't seem to rate much of a mention in many of the online sources I've seen for the fortress.

There's a few deep cellars that are part of the High Castle and accessed only from the courtyard. Although the entryways were down short flights of steps, the doors were large enough to move barrels through. They were spacious but not "large" (about 5x5 metres I think) and quite cold (almost chilly) despite the summer temperature of about 25C/77F degrees at the time. From what I remember there were four of these cellars (maybe more, I don't recall) located at the corners of the courtyard on the east side and I think none of them connected to any other rooms or doorways - as in one entryway per cellar.

The largest cellars were under some of the buildings in the Middle Castle, one being large enough for kitchens as well as storage, located in the Grand Master's Palace. From what I recall, the kitchen/cellar is directly below the Knight's Hall and heat from the kitchen was channeled up to the Hall and other rooms to keep them at a reasonable temperature in winter. I think in either 1st or 2nd Ed. Twilight timelines this could be re-established to make the palace more pleasant to be in during winter

Despite one of the more "colourful" descriptions I've seen of the cellars as damp and gloomy, I found them to be quite dry and easily illuminated if the lamps are in the right place. I don't think they would get damp even in winter time unless snow/slush/water was channeled into them.

I mention the cellars because, If I remember correctly, outside access to the cellar under the Knight's Hall was via two points for the main (kitchen) cellar but I think it also had direct access to another cellar with its own outside entry point in another part of the building. I think there was at least two inside entries for the kitchen cellar but I just don't remember where they were and I have a vague memory that it also connected to another (i.e. third) cellar. The point to all that rambling is that I think it's a potential infil/exfil route under the Grand Master's Palace. And there were tunnels under other parts of the complex but not open to the public so I don't have any info on them.

Apologies for it being so vague, it going on eight years ago when I was there. I'm trying to find some of the photos I took that might be useful to you, if I can find them I'll make mention of it in this thread.

As an additional note, I believe the following image is available for "fair use" and it might be useful to you even if you can't add it to the module directly.
It's a German plan of the castle complex from 1930. There's only a few differences from the later day layout, for example, one of the bridges over the moat & through the lower castle is not in place anymore (I think this was for a narrow gauge railway).

It comes from this site:
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