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Default Proposal: Command One

In my own heresy, I usually flat-out delate the MARS One vehicle. Personal dislikes, issues with the one time a team ran one of these in a game, dislike of the flipping movie!!!

The Science One, I can actually see a limited use for, say one per Project operation region (total of ten). But as I sat down and looked over the blueprint of a Science One, I had an epiphany (or a bad gas of gas, not really too sure).

One of the reasons I dislike the MARS One is it places a requirement for additional supplies into an already bloated logistical situation. I know that there is the counter-argument that it would use similar parts, etc. etc. But still, it boils down to it forcing yet another system.

But what if a Science One was converted to fill an obvious need?

A Command One is intended to be a mobile headquarters for a State/Province Command Team. Removing the laboratories frees up space for additional radios, computers, map boards and a staff area for the boss and his minions to do that thing that they do. Provide C3I for the local teams.
Like the Science variant, the Command variant has a front tractor and can
detach the trailer as needed (both have their own fusion power source).

The Command One has a minimum external armament. These consist of two turrets mounted fore and aft on the tractor top, each mounting a GAU-19A .50-caliber minigun, two side mounted MAG-58s on the tractor as well as seven claymore mines mounted around the sides. The trailer has a retractable missile launcher fitted with two quad-pack Stingers and four TOW missiles. There are also two side mounts mounting MAG-58s.

At the rear of the trailer is storage space for two four-wheeled ATVs and an additional (unarmed) trailer is towed that carried two more ATVs and a dismantled Airscout gyrocopter.

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