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Steam engines are massive SKILLED worker maintenance hogs. That is why they are no more. That and if not done exactly right they are very dangerous. Sitting buried for decades they should be considered toast. Sorry I love steam engines too but this is not practical.

Vehicles are not shipped like they were in WWII. I have seen a few you tube videos of guys buying war surplus stuff (old motors, etc.) which were bought from the war department. Sealed and filled with preservatives, etc.. Just clean them up, fuel and off they go. Not anymore.

Bikes, cars, etc. are intended to take a week or two to reach their destination. Minor assembly and fill with fluids. Bikes, snowmobiles, etc. are sitting on thin pallets (wood or maybe cardboard), have a light wood frame and stapled plastic sheet over that. None of that will live out the first year. Then they start breaking down into their constituent parts, iron, carbon and lots of oxides of the above. Tires are shipped bare now, not even sealed in plastic cocoons. You might get a skid with some crappy shrink wrap which, again, dies after a year.

Same for cars. They are shipped in auto car carriers which are light and the sides have heavily perforated thin metal. Maybe to save weight, maybe so when being loaded light gets in to help the drivers see where the previous car is. So in any cave in they will fill with dirt very fast if not in all probability be crushed first.

Actually canned food stuffs would be the most likely to survive if not subject to humidity or moisture. That or dried and individually packed foods like jerky (if truly dry), dried fruit, etc.. Of course that falls flat if a few are broken open by the landslide and rats can get in.
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