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Not all fertiliser is explosive Ammonium Nitrate. Some is Potash.

Potash is mined in Canada and (generally) transported by train in sealed railcars. LOTS of railcars. It's not uncommon for a single train to have 100 or more potash railcars. Some of the cargo might survive - even after 150 years.

Rail companies are very proud of their ability to transport wind turbine blades.
Example: There's a video on YouTube of a train carrying turbine blades and making a 90 degree turn. [the video's 15 minutes long, so it's not a FAST procedure, but it is possible]

Stuff from Amazon: It's amazing what can be made from old plastic. Even old DVDs and CDs (from Amazon, or anywhere) can be repurposed. The internet is full of craft ideas for them. For instance, they can be used to make mirrors. Does the local EmDee need a dental mirror? Does the village need reflectors for street lights? Has your Trade Pack run out of hand mirrors?

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