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Default MAxwell's Militia, the Overlord of Kalkaska, and the Imps...

So, in 3rd edition, Maxwell's Militia has at least 1 M60 tank. And they owe fealty to the Overlord of Kalkaska. We also know that "Riverton" is actually Grayling, which is right next to Kalkaska in Michigan.

In my game, Maxwell's Militia is formed in Kalkaska, which trades with the MPs at Camp Grayling to acquire some tanks. The first tank crews of Maxwell's are from Camp Grayling, and, at least initially, the MPs are glad to have someone who seems to know what they are doing taking care of business on their west flank.

Somewhere along the way, this alliance breaks down. Maxwell is assassinated, the original MPs die out without kids (radiation from the near miss), and the replacements for the two groups no longer see eye-to-eye. Forward a few generations, and few of Maxwell's people even remember where the tanks came from, while none of the IMPs know of the original alliance.

That's how I used the groups. Did anyone else make this connection?
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