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Originally Posted by copeab
In T2K, not only are the Soviets not receiving military aid from the US/UK, but she has to fight them as well. Also, who is going to open up a second front against Germany in T2K? France?
Yes, but the Soviet military c. 1989 was much larger and more capable than the Red Army c. 1941. It wouldn't require the thousands of trucks, tanks, guns, and aircraft it so desperately needed during the first couple of years of WWII.

One great advantage of the Soviet Union of the '80s was the sheer size of its military, and, as I've mentioned already, the massive numbers of trained reservists (former conscripts) ready to be mobilized at relatively short notice. The West simply couldn't match the WTO's ability to quickly call up huge numbers of troops. This would give the Red Army a significant strategic and operational advantage in the first three months of a European War. Mobilization in the WTO would be well underway before the West even got started.

If the Soviet Navy could somehow interdict reinforcements and munitions shipments from the U.S. to Europe, this edge could be maintained or an even wider gap opened. But this is a topic for a naval warfare thread.
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