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The Soviet Army is much more capable than lot of the forces that model after them. The engagements in Yugoslavia should give a better picture what will probably happen. As Grae, if, and that a big if, did hold and we move towards the Soviet Union, the war becomes another creature that many in NATO didn't want to think about.

Now a lot depends on if the Soviet had been at war with like China before or not. Either way they will still have a large force in Easter Europe. Much like Desert Shield/Storm where the US had to keep the same size force in Europe, even if they brought NG and Reserves units into Germany to free Regulars for service in the Middle East and reducing the war stock in Europe. The Soviet would be no different. Yeah they would strip units here and there, the Pact would still provide headache if NATO attacked, and they would have more than enough to offer a initial black eye if they had attack.

Either way, depending on the tide of the war, Tactical Nukes would be used. Now, would they be NATO, Pact, or French is up for debate. If NATO hadn't used them by a point, the French would for sure done so to slow the Soviets down. On the other hand if NATO was able to stop the flow, and started to enter Poland, I don't think the Soviet would have a problem of making the region of the Warta River a radioactive parking lot. In Soviet war games this was done, but the Soviets told the Poles that it was NATO nukes.

Then again once they start using Nukes it doesn't really matter who owned previously of it going off. One thing is for sure, both side will try to equal the other and get one up. France wether it was actively in the war or sitting on the sideline would be hit, just to keep their troops from joining later. Everyone will be having a bad day.
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