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Actually having that line intact could produce a lot of tanks for you. I worked at United Defense in York -and back in the 90's they definitely did not have a just in time delivery system - even now we have a lot of inventory. At one time we had over 100 vehicle sets of tracks for the M88, along with three dozen engines and fifty M88A1 hulls plus the armor for them sitting in the warehouses and out back and that was in 2009 with a just in time system.

You could easily, during a war, have enouigh material on hand to keep the place going for literally months after a strike.

So could the Lima plant, with the line intact and no damage to the warehouses and storage areas, be a potential source of a lot of tanks if they can get it up and running again - the answer is yes. Possibly even as many as a full months to two months worth of production - especially if the plant stopped dead right after the strike with it building at full power for the war.

I know when we were doing 120 Bradleys a month we had at least six weeks worth of guns on hand. Our big problem was engines - but remember during a war the government could take priority on engine delivery from the suppliers versus the civilian market - and the war went on long enough to shift production to get more of them made each month.
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