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Originally Posted by gamerguy View Post
I was attending one of my first game conventions. My first was Origins '78. Three guys were trying to get people interested in a new role playing game they were introducing. Sorry I don't remember all the exact details but mostly the following.

We were in a discussion group (post game or just a panel I don't remember). The guys were trying to interest people in buying an unpublished game, the Morrow Project. Interest was high and we were asked to put down money for a product that would be delivered in about 6 months. We were told there were going to be 100 pre-publication copies made available in order to finance a full professional version down the road. We could pick what number copy we wanted but the first dozen or so were already spoken for. I remember my first choice 007 (obvious) and 011 (my lucky number) were not available. Without those choices I randomly though something right in the middle would be cool so I was put down for number 050.

As promised it arrived about half a year later. Included was a 50% off card for the published version. Since I had this copy I saw no need to use it and still have the card (plus the rest of the package) to this day. A few months later a further package arrived. I remember opening it hopefully thinking we were going to get 'professional' version for free. It was two pages of photographs of the weapons which didn't reproduce as well in the original manual.

Two other things I remember was one of the guys stated the combat results system started life as either his (masters or doctorate) thesis or as a development of the results of the research. I assume is was Kevin Dockery but don't know for sure.

The other thing I clearly remember is at one point near the end of the discussion was the reason for creating background of the Morrow Project came up. The guys stated and all basically confirmed that the original push was they wanted to play D&D with modern weapons. All the mutants etc. were just developments of monsters from their original games. How the game went from those original directions to what we know now I don't know, just the original (proto) concept.

Just a little history lesson from the late '70s.
Can you send me a scan of the coupon? I have 3 of the pre-press editions, but none came with the coupon and I'd like to see what it looked like. As I understand it only 1 coupon was ever redeemed to TML, so there where 99 of them left in the wild.

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