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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
My apologies, the original PDF I posted was an older version. This one identifies the type of BC used (G1 or G7) and includes photos for most of the weapons (Stoner photos seem to be few and far between).

You'll note that the 5.56 weapon's E-factors come out lower than those listed in TM-1-1. I don't know if this is an error in the 4E figures or if I just haven't found the right cartridge to bump up V0.

I've given a similar treatment to numerous weapons for possible use in the equipment updates mentioned in 4E. They range from Sig P320s in 4 sizes and calibers to the FN SCAR series, HK UMPs and USPs plus some .45 Colt revolvers and lever guns for fun.

EDIT - added the attachment that somehow didn't upload the first time
How much nitpicking do you want?

Example. Barrett M82A1A : "metallic sights" could read better as iron sights. They are technically metallic, but I've never heard it referred to as metallic sights.

And I see what you noted as to E-factors. Most of the time when I'm doing a range card for my players I would use the stated MV of the firearm as the starting value and use the adjust charts from the software as the range card. For firearms I couldn't find a value I would use some charts found on the internet for general lengths to MV for different types of ammunition.
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