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It was important but for reasons I've long considered but haven't really been explored... the Mighty Miss!

Airlords has the most information but it's scant. But we do learn that it was because the Overlord of Memphis was extorting commerce/travel on the Mississippi.

I've been kicking around Mississippi ideas for awhile. Howling Wilderness ignores the largest thoroughfare in the country. The river allows transit/trade from north to south and forms a huge border/barrier. Selective control of bridges and dams, destruction of other bridges and you can cut off one side of the nation from the other.

And when you're planning to move thousands of people to the Plains area to avoid starvation... do you want to march them overland? It'd be a heck of a lot easier to transport them by water...

Hmm... now I'm thinking I can merge a few random ideas here.

DANG IT! I was planning on staying focused on my Balkans work!
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