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In the 2300AD timeline, which is a direct future to T2K, Memphis is used in 2020 as the meeting place for CivGov and MilGov to work out their differences. This is a full 25 years before New America, centered in Florida, is finally defeated. Thus, we can assume Memphis was a very important and stable city by 2020. It sits astride the Mississippi, is centrally located and wasnít super close to nuke strike. Iím guessing it became a mix of Hong Kong/Geneva/Casablanca and St. Louis shortly after the exchange. Perhaps something or many things got stuck there while being moved east enroute to a more secure location in the west? (Artifacts from the Smithsonian collection, the Bill of Rights and Constitution, currency plates, CIA asset lists, NSA databases and satellite access codes, etc.)

Something was there that was important
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