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Originally Posted by schnickelfritz View Post
Okay.....deep breath...What I was getting at was a small machine shop or part of a plant's maintenance department, or a school/college shop classroom with a couple or several running, older machines. Your standard Bridgeport style mill, a lathe or two, maybe a grinder. Here in the States, there are shops like this in many places west of the Appalachians. I've seen them, worked/work at them, and worked with them personally.
My father is a mechanical engineer, and has run his own business with 2-3 staff for 30 years. This is in a typical NZ small town (pop 2000 - three such businesses in town). Given a sample, the guys can pretty easily make up pretty much anything (which is what they do daily for hydralics, farm machinery parts, etc.). I don't know what it is like in the US and Europe, but places like his business can be found in hundreds of places around NZ.

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