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Originally Posted by Targan View Post
It sounds like a great idea. Big job though. Has any thought been given to perhaps adapting all or part of the old T2K air combat rules? Admittedly they are themselves just an adaption of the 1st ed vehicle rules.
I already replied to this, but apparently the forums ate it so here I go again.

I've been contemplating about modifying the 2nd edition Nautical/Aviation Handbook's rules for 2k13, adding improved rules for S/VTOL aircraft and such (which would also work, if I continue with my plan to create rules for cybernetics on the Reflex-system, since honestly speaking, one could say we already have some minor cybernetics IRL (the iLimb hand prosthesis, for an example) - I've been playing a lot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution lately ). Of course, converting weapon rules and creating vehicular templates require a lot of work, so if there's anyone willing to take on part of the burden, I'd be happy to hand it out.

Also, I've got medical rules upgrade for Reflex-system in the works, partially due to my civvie profession/MOS. While the original rules are good, I kind of wanted to create a more thorough Stage III ruleset for all things medical, should people wish to have an even more realistic model for treating the wounds and illnesses.
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