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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
It was at the suggestion of someone here -- I can't remember who at the moment (the site search engine should tell us). I sort of thought, "That could be interesting." And I also remembered that Ares came up with a 90mm of their 75mm autocannon -- not sure if I ever did that one.
Such peashooters. The Bofors 120mm/46 SAK DP installed on the Turunmaa-class corvettes Turunmaa and Karjala of the Finnish Navy was an autocannon as well (80 rounds/minute). Too bad, they never made anything but HE rounds for it (though I suspect, had the ships served in Twilight War, the enterprising manufacturers might have come up with a naval round for it).
"Listen to me, nugget, and listen good. Don't go poppin' your head out like that, unless you want it shot off. And if you do get it shot off, make sure you're dead, because if you ain't, guess who's gotta drag your sorry ass off the field? Were short on everything, so the only painkiller I have comes in 9mm doses. Now get the hell out of my foxhole!" - an unknown medic somewhere, 2013.
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