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Originally Posted by rcaf_777 View Post

All I know if see bars, clusters brids or stars I salute
And stand at parade rest when conversing with Sergeants who outrank you -- you'll make a good impression that way, since most other countries don't do it.

The First Sergeant is the top NCO in a Company -- thus, the "First" Sergeant. Always address one as First Sergeant -- no better way to set a First Sergeant on a high boil than addressing him as simply "Sergeant." (He has three chevrons over three rockers and a diamond in the middle.) The same goes for the Sergeant Major, who has a star in the middle of the chevrons and rockers. Unless someone of higher rank is present, call to the area "At Ease!" and go to Parade Rest when the First Sergeant or Sergeant Major come into the area -- that'll impress them too, since again most countries don't do it.
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